add'tl skills: setting up a homemade movie screen with a dirty sheet


Cyrus is a director, DP, and writer.

He is the founder of Raw Music International, a documentary collective and record label focused on social, economic, and political stories about underground music around the world. He has produced films from Iraq, Ukraine, Mongolia, and Burma for NBC News. 

He is the co-director of Oulaya’s Wedding, an immersive, impressionistic account of a massive wedding in the Western Sahara. The film is a co-production with the legendary Sublime Frequencies collective, and has been screened in festivals, squats, and theaters in Europe and the US.

With Mississippi Records and Olvido Records, he has released a series of Kenyan guitar records spanning from independence ‘til present.

His work focuses on music, migration, and self-expression amidst upheaval. His work in oral history and migration was supported by a Fulbright Grant in the Netherlands.  He grew up between Iowa and Iran, and currently lives between Athens, Greece, and NYC.